why I love the Olympics

olympic ringsI will be the first to tell you that I do not come from an athletic family. Nor did I produce an athletic family.

We enrolled our kids in a number of things – hockey, basketball, karate, skating, dance, soccer, swimming, fencing (yes – fencing!) – but nothing stuck.

My son is a computer geek and my daughter is a fashionista and I love them both madly.

But I still love the Olympics.

My son said the other day – I don’t know why the Olympics are such a big deal!

I will tell you why. Because, to me, the Olympics are more about the human spirit than they are the sports.

I admire the dedication these athletes have to become the best at what they do. I watch the gymnastics/swimming/trampoline in awe the same way I would watch a skilled musician perform on the piano, violin or guitar. The raw talent was there, yes, but it’s the dedication, sacrifice and grit that developed it.

These athletes have sacrificed – their families have sacrificed – to train at a sport that they love.

They compete with themselves long before competing on the world stage for their country. Pushing their minds and their bodies beyond the limit of what it should be able to do.

They fall over and over again and continue to get back up and back on the diving board, or the balance beam or whatever. There’s a life lesson in there and you learn it every time you watch an event.

And they aren’t in it for the money. Or at least they didn’t used to be. Up until 1986, only amateur athletes were allowed to compete in the Olympics. And it’s the amateurs that I still prefer to watch.

I find the Olympics are inspiring and watching them can inspire you to want to try harder, do better and strive for more in whatever area you want – not just sports.

It’s contagious.

I get the same feeling watching an event that I did when I came out of the theatre after watching the movie “Rocky”.

I am inspired that even I could become . . .

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