where does all of my money go?

where does money goPay day comes and before I can blink twice, the money is gone? Where does all of my money go?

Did you know that the average income in Canada in 1964 – the year I was born – was $6,080.00 per year.

The average income in Canada in 2014 was $49,000.00!

That’s an increase of 800%!

So why am I not swimming in money?

Well, lets take a look:

Average price of a HOUSE:
1964 – $13,050.00
2015 – $409,708.00
an increase of over 3000% – about $8000 per year for the last 50 years!

Average cost of monthly RENT:
1964 – $115.00 per month
2015 – $885.00 per month  –  up more than 750%

Average cost of a family CAR:
1964 – $3495.00
2015 – $33,000.00  –  up almost 1000%

Average cost of a litre of GAS:
1964 – 6 cents a liter
2015 – 99 cents a liter (at least that’s what the price was today)
whoa! that’s up more than 1600%

Okay, this math isn’t making me happy but it’s making me understand a bit more. Average income has gone up by 800% but everything else has gone up even more. Sometimes way more.

Our dollar is actually buying us less than it did for our parents.

How about groceries?

1964 – 4¢ per kg  >  2015 – $1.50 per kg (+3700%)

1964 – 25¢ per liter  >  2015 – 99¢ per liter (+400%)

Ground Coffee:
1964 – 21¢ per kg  >  2015 – $8.60 per kg (+4000%)

1964 – 30¢ per kg  >  2015 – $4.99 per kg (+1650%)

Dozen Eggs:
1964 – 34¢  >  2015 – $3.49 (+1000%)

1964 – 21¢  >  2015 – $3.49 (+1650%)

Holy Crap! Look at the price of sugar and coffee!

I worry sometimes about how our kids are ever going to be able to afford things like houses, cars and cups of coffee in the future. Remember, on top of these expenses, many will be paying back student loans needed to afford the increasing high cost of post-secondary education. The post-secondary education they need to get the higher paying jobs to help pay for the increasing high cost of living.

Where will the madness end!?

Ooops. This was supposed to a funny article but it didn’t turn out to be so funny.
Sorry about that. 🙁

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  1. Having it put in print for me to see the difference is frightening! No wonder so many people are struggling and worried all the time about how they are going to survive. I worry all the time about our kids and what stress this is putting on them.

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