time to purge the closet

Time to Purge the ClosetMEN!
Don’t run away,
this is for you too!

If you’re anything like me, you have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear. And maybe some clothes you “shouldn’t” wear. Come on, be honest.

How about that section of “too small but I’ll get back into them some day” clothes. Or the clothes that belong on the set of “That 70’s show” – news flash, they are NOT coming back in style. The t-shirts you love but are stretched beyond recognition? Or – oh, the horror – the trendy clothes you bought at Le Chateau or Stitches that you thought you could still get away with.

I may only be speaking for myself but it’s time to start building a wardrobe of quality, not quantity.

The first step is to purge that closet. And my daughter can’t wait to help me!

Get rid of anything you don’t love. Seriously, I have learned that when I love what I’m wearing, I wear it better. I walk with much more confidence and pride and that will always make you look better.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit. I am the queen of “tug” and “pull”. I am constantly tugging and pulling at my clothes because they are slipping, riding up, pinching or falling down. It drives my boyfriend nuts. My problem is two-fold – I am an in-between size and I buy cheap clothes.

Get rid of any “trendy” clothes. We have grown up and it’s now time to move on to a more “classic” look. Some definitions to help you determine which is which:

Trendy = appealing to faddish taste

Classic = of enduring interest, quality or style

Trendy is for the young. I am not old but I am classic (see definition above) and my attire should reflect that. I may want to add a trendy accessory from time to time but if I concentrate on classic pieces with my clothes, I can spend a bit more because they won’t go out of style. And if I spend a bit more, they will last longer and ultimately save me money because I won’t have to replace them as often.

When the purging is done (hopefully I still have something to wear), I can start to re-build.

Don’t throw away the clothes you don’t need,
help someone else re-build!

Donate to charitable foundations that collect and sell used clothing to raise money for worthy causes. I know, in my area, you can even get them picked up by the Diabetes Association and the Cerebral Palsy Association.

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