this is not underwear!

What the hell is this?

They sell it in the underwear section but it most certainly is NOT underwear.

Underwear is something you wear to protect your outer clothes so that they don’t get soiled and smell thus having to wash them less often.

This was very handy a hundred and more years ago when people didn’t have the extensive wardrobes that we all seem to think we need now.

At that time, it would not be uncommon to wear the same clothing numerous times before laboring to wash it in water you boiled on the stove that you had to stoke with the wood you spent the afternoon chopping.

And what about those gowns that were worn as daily wear by the rich in the Victorian Era? I’m sure that they didn’t want to be washing those very often. It would be a daunting job that would likely require multiple servants. (and they would take forever to dry I’m sure)

So people wore underwear (or undergarments). That’s why they were invented.

Now it’s true that underwear has been getting smaller over the years – bloomers . . . briefs . . . bikinis – but there comes a point when the underwear has just been rendered useless.

And we have arrived.

I see no daily value whatsoever in the thong. I will give you a hundred dollars if you can give me one.

They don’t even look comfortable. How can you not want to be constantly pulling that string out of where is does not belong?

They offer no protection on the ass end. That string is not going to stop a skid mark. And what about period accidents? Is that why all the girls wear black (absorbant) leggings now?

To add to this lunacy, did you know that they actually sell feminine panty liners designed specifically for thongs? How the hell does that work? There is no fabric to stick it to!

I know that someone is going to put in the comments section the argument about “panty lines” but I have an answer for that. Don’t wear your pants so damn tight that you can see the outline of your underwear! Or wear briefs – underwear that covers your entire ass so there is no line to see.

And before you say “it makes me feel sexy”, let me just say that the thong as a piece of lingerie has some merit. It’s right up there with the corset and the bustier. An uncomfortable piece of clothing designed not to stay on you very long anyway.

But they are no longer relegating the thong to the lingerie section. These things are being pushed as normal day wear.

Do we really need to “feel sexy” all of the time? At work? While grocery shopping? At Church? At family dinner?

And the price! Unbelievable what they’re charging for these things. Half the fabric for twice the price!

I can’t remember the last time I bought a single pair of underwear anyway because they sell perfectly good 4-packs of Jones New York briefs at the Costco.

And I’m sure they cost less than a single thong at Victoria’s Secret!

Maybe it’s because I’m old but I just I don’t get it. I’m going to stick to my uber-comfortable, reasonably priced granny panties – thank you very much.

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    • Wedgie!! That’s the word I was looking for! Thanks Sandra! Agreed, not sure why anyone would choose that.

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