tech support should be free for anyone over 50!

tech supportLet me tell you a story called “Gerda bought a smart TV”.

Gerda is a cherished friend of the family and she is 81 years old. Bless her heart.

I have to say, Gerda is pretty impressive in that she actually owns a computer and knows how to use it. She knows how to use Microsoft Word and Excel, she has and uses an email account and she even went in to read my blog once. (She hasn’t been back because she says that she didn’t know what to do when she got there. Oh well, I was happy that she tried.)

A little while ago, Gerda heard about this new 4K Smart TV that has even better picture than HD and you can watch Netflix on it. Ooh, Gerda liked the sound of this. So my BF took her out to many stores, researching these new TVs. Many, many stores. Gerda is very much a comparison shopper.

She finally found a 52-inch 4K Smart TV that suited her needs and was in her price range. Excited, she bought it and my BF got it home and connected in her condo.

Now, when I say connected, I mean connected to her cable provider. Neither Gerda nor my BF know the first thing about connecting or using the internet and I’m not a whole lot better. I tried to answer her questions but I couldn’t get over there and could only do so much over the phone. Also, I have a MAC computer and I don’t know the first thing about a PC computer.

Gerda couldn’t figure out how to use Netflix so she called her internet provider. They told her that she didn’t have wireless internet and needed a new router. So she had to pay for them to come out and hook up the new router. They gave her a new user name and password for the wireless network and buggered off.

Still no Netflix and now her printer won’t work!

She called the internet provider again and they said that they couldn’t come back because her computer had internet and that’s what they are responsible for, not printers. She should just have to enter her new password. But where?

She went to Best Buy to talk to the Geek Squad but they said that they couldn’t help without seeing the set up and it would cost $99 just for them to come to her house and then more if they actually had to do something.

Somebody told her she might need a USB cable so she bought one but didn’t really know why.

I was finally able to get over there but, again, I have a MAC and don’t know the first thing about PCs. I fiddled around . . . and around . . . and around. I tried connecting the printer to the router with the USB cable. I looked at the printer settings (but I didn’t really know what the heck I was looking at). I input the new IP address a couple times in a couple different places. Nothing.

I finally had my BF bring the printer from the spare room into the dining room and just connected the laptop directly to the printer with the USB cable.

That worked!

Gerda was thrilled but I was frustrated. It shouldn’t be this hard!!!

GAWD! We don’t ALL know how to do this crap! Especially those of us in the 50+ age bracket. There should be free tech support for us. Gerda shouldn’t have to pay for the Geek Squad to come out only to find out that it’s likely a very simple solution. She is 81 years old!! I’m not even sure she grew up with a TV much less a computer!

It should be that if you can provide picture ID showing you’re over 50 years old to your internet provider, the Geek Squad or any tech company, then ALL internet and computer technical support is FREE!

It’s now been 2 weeks since Gerda bought her new TV and her printer is still on her dining room table and she still doesn’t know how to get onto Netflix. She says she will NOT pay $100 to have someone come out. She will wait until my BFs son comes home for Easter.

Kudo’s to Gerda!

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  1. Poor Gerda. I feel the same way. I can move around a little bit more but not much. Thank God I have a great friend that helps me out all the time when I have computer problems. Hopefully Devon will be able to help.

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