taking the day off

day offI have decided that I’m not going to be a mom today.

Or a girlfriend, or a sister, or a daughter or even a friend.

Yes. I am taking the day off. A day off from being everything to everyone. Today is going to be for me.

A day to do what I need to do to remind myself that there is indeed a “me” still in there somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids, my BF, my family and my friends but don’t you find yourself needing a day off sometimes, even from the ones you love the most?

My son took my car this morning and isn’t coming home until dinner, my daughter is at school and my BF just left to run errands and have lunch with a friend on the other side of town. It’s been a long time since the house has been this quiet and the silence is a welcome change.

I’m alone! Sure, technically I’m supposed to be “working” but, this close to Christmas, emails are few and far between.

So . . . I am going to take the day off!

A day off from housework. There is a mountain of laundry that needs to be folded but everyone seemed to find something to wear this morning. Nobody left the house naked so I think we are fine to let it sit there for one more day. No, today is not for chores.

A day off from driving. It seems that I’m always driving someone somewhere and then somewhere else only to have to pick them up again and drive all of their friends home. No driving today, my son took my car!

A day off from deciding what’s for dinner. I swear no one around here would eat at all if I didn’t prepare something! For Heavens sake, you are not toddlers, you know how to make a sandwich. Today, the restaurant is closed. Today, dinner will be whatever you can find in the fridge.

A day off from listening to (and trying to understand) family drama. Today, the phone is off the hook and the “doctor” is NOT in.

A day off from social media. Will anyone even notice that I’m not liking or commenting today?

Yes, a day off! So. What to do? What to do?

I could have a nap!
I can’t remember the last time I took a nap. Do I even remember how to do it? I could Google it, maybe they have a “how to take a nap” video on YouTube.

I could have popcorn for lunch!
I used to do that when I lived in my first apartment; when I lived alone. I was in my early 20’s and calories and nutrition were not things I cared about then.

I could watch a movie!
A movie of MY choosing. A chick flick! One that my BF would never want to watch.

Or maybe a TV marathon!
I have SO much taped on my PVR. Shows that no one else wants to watch. Shows I’ve been saving for a day just like today.

I could take a bubble bath!
No one here, no one to interrupt. I have a huge soaker tub in my ensuite that I have never even used. That’s just not right. I could dust it off and run a hot bath to enjoy with a book and a glass of wine. Is noon to early for wine?

I could read a book!
I got a book by my favourite author 2 Christmases ago. The book is still on my bedside table with the bookmark still stuck in Chapter 2. I would have to start over though, I don’t even remember what the book is about.

Oh my goodness. So many choices! I’m exhausted just thinking about them and trying to decide.

Maybe I would be better able to decide after a glass of wine and a nap!

FYI. It’s never too early for wine.

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