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What does it mean to subscribe?

Subscribing to my blog with your email address means that I can let you know when new posts have been added. This will help to remind you to come back and know that there will be new stuff to read and learn.

You will only be notified, not harassed. There is no time limit to log back in, it’s just a friendly FYI (for your information).

I will NOT share your email with anyone else nor will I sell it to any advertisers or email list companies. There is a privacy policy on this blog and it legally binds me to this promise.

It does not cost anything to subscribe and it never will. Also, if you don’t like the notifications, you can “unsubscribe” at any time.

It would be great if you subscribed because I love sharing all of my new found knowledge, thoughts and opinions with you and would hate to have you forget to come back.

Look for the “subscribe now for FREE!” box (I put it on every page, you can’t miss it) and type in your email address.

I look forward to continuing our friendship!


Note: If you signed up on my “coming soon” page, this does not mean you have subscribed to the blog. That was only for notification of the launch, you need to subscribe separately to get notifications of blog updates.

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