a senior moment – I paid for the other lady’s gas

Yes, another gas station senior moment.

Stopping for gas, I put in $40. I always put in $40. I don’t know why, I just do. I feel somehow that if I put in the same amount every time, I am keeping to some sort of budget. It’s psychological; $40 for gas isn’t such a hit whereas $60 for gas hurts more.

So I’m in line to pay for my gas and the young man asks me what pump I am. I glance out the window and rifle off the first number I see that’s close to my car.

Pump 7

I put my debit card in the machine; punch my PIN; take the receipt and I’m on my way.

At my car, ready to start it up, and the guy is running towards me and calling out. Oh dear! I think to myself. I must have forgotten my debit card. I get out of my car with my hand out ready to take the card when he says:

No! You paid for the other lady’s gas!

Huh? The young man says:

you’re pump 10, not pump 7

I look over and he’s right. I’m at pump 10 and there is a large SUV at pump 7. I go back inside, slightly embarrassed, and have a chuckle with the lady who was behind me in line. It is her SUV that is at pump 7. We laugh at how you don’t usually see “pay it forward” at the gas station.

The attendant had to figure out how to change the amounts around and the pump 7 lady and I continued to chat; she was very patient about my error.

But that’s not the senior moment part! Wait for it.

It’s not hard to mix up your pump number when looking at a distance but you should pay more attention when you’re paying for the gas.

I paid for $70 in gas. That’s $30 more than I put in and I didn’t even notice!

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Image courtesy of Anusorn P nachol at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Most people do not look at the receipts they are handed – I am trying to get in the habit of doing that

  2. I tell the attendant the amount first, then the pump number. Like you I do the same amount. Never look at the price because what’s the point in driving for miles wasting petrol to get it pennies cheaper?

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