remember detention?

remember detentionI find, as the years go by, I am less and less patient. I really understand how old people get labeled as “grumpy old men” and “mean old ladies”

If I keep going at the rate I’m going,
I am definitely going to join the “mean old lady” club.

Near the end of this last school year,
I got so ticked at my daughter and her teacher because she wasn’t done her work (again) and her teacher was just expecting her to come in on her own for extra help.

This was his second year teaching her and we both know that she is NOT going to come in on her own time!

Her teacher sent yet another email saying

she should have come in to see me for extra help — I’m always available — but she never took up the open invitation! — blah, blah, blah

and I just lost it!

I was so ticked that I called the vice principal (whom I know just a little too well) and demanded that she give my daughter “detention”.

I asked her

Do you remember “detention”? I want that.

Don’t ask her when it would be convenient for her to see the teacher.

Don’t ask her “what can we do to solve this problem?”

Don’t give her a choice.

Can we make sure that she does NOT go out for recess or to the park at lunch recess, I want her escorted to a place where she can finish her outstanding math work!

MAKE her stay after school . . . you know – DETENTION!

And you know what? The vice principal did it!

I got an email from my ex-husband (her father) at 3:15 pm – the end of the school day. Apparently, our daughter called him from the school office asking if it was okay if she didn’t go straight home to walk the dog because the vice principal was making her stay after school. He said that she sounded so confused.

We had a good laugh and she got her work done.

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