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Paperless BillingI don’t understand how companies are allowed to begin charging money for something that has historically been free! That’s what they’re doing with paperless billing.

I now have to pay to receive my bills in the mail rather than get them emailed to me. Worse yet, apparently I have “chosen” to now pay for this service.

I have one bill, I think it’s my water heater bill, that gets emailed to me and I HATE IT! I don’t even know how it happened. I would never have chosen this, I likely checked some stupid box on some stupid form that was too complicated. The bill never arrives at a convenient time where I can sit down and pay it at that moment and I am always afraid that I’m going to forget about it.

Like many people, I have a “system”. A “system” that has worked for me for years:

  • bill arrives
  • open bill
  • check due date
  • if it’s not overdue, bill goes in the bill basket [FYI, my bills are never overdue. I am quite OCD about that]
  • on or about the 15th of the month, I sit down to pay bills (I do pay them online, I have figured that out and made it part of my “system”)
  • I set the payment to come out of my account on the pay day that is closest to the due date on the bill
  • I write the payment date and confirmation number right on the bill
  • file the bill away

Done! I don’t sit down for another month. That’s my “system”.
It works and I LIKE it!

Now I have this random stupid bill that I have to remember to check on line and, when I pay it, I have to send myself another email that says I paid it with the date and confirmation number.

You are probably going to say “why don’t you just print the bill and put it in the bill basket with the others?” . . . . Actually, I never thought of that until I wrote it just now. That’s not a bad idea, I guess that could work.

BUT, if I do that . . . it is no longer paperless billing is it?
It has now become
“use your own damn paper” billing!

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