on Graduating

On GraduatingWe had two graduations this past June. My daughter graduated from grade 8 and my son graduated high school. What a flurry of activity May and June was. Shopping for a grad dress and first high heels, getting my son his first real suit – with a tie! – , getting haircuts, ordering corsages and more. An exciting time for both kids.

The first grad went well but as I sat at my sons graduation ceremony, watching all of the students getting their awards and diplomas, I found myself getting very emotional.

Yes, part of it was because I am so excited for my son as he moves on to university and the next stage of his life but also because I was sad that so many of us have lost that sense of excitement about what life holds in the future.

At 50 years old, there is so much to look back on that we sometimes forget to look forward.

I think crossing into 50 is a milestone much the same as the milestones my kids just reached. (So is every decade “achieved” beyond 50!) We need to congratulate ourselves on the life we have lived so far and look forward to what the next phase of our life can offer us . . . and what we still have to offer the world!

Maybe now is the time to persue the dreams put on hold or to travel the world or go back to school and learn more about a life long passion. Why can’t my future start today? I am still a work in progress and believe that I still have yet to reach my full potential.

So I encourage you to move on to your next adventure with the enthusiasm and curiosity you had when you first left high school and dare to keep dreaming.

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  1. Love your blog. You are so right – at 50 we need to look forward. I am slowing changing my career- looking forward to retirement and travelling. I know retirement sounds like such a horrible word – but not retirement in the sense of sitting around doing nothing. My husband and I can retire at 57 – so we have been creating a business for the last few years so that we can retire but still have something to do. So much to look forward to….

    • So glad that you enjoyed reading my blog and good for you and your husband! for planning so well that you can move on to the your adventure so soon. Keep up the great attitude Chris!

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