musical memories

musical memoriesWhat is it about music?

One song can take you back to any one particular moment in your life in an instant. It could be a happy moment that makes you smile and laugh again. Or maybe you remember the song from a dance with your first love, or songs you shared with your kids. Rally songs can even empower crowds of people and incite action.

Music is very powerful in that way.

I was listening to music on my computer at work the other day. I was bored with the radio so I googled a “folk music” playlist. [see my post “you can Google anything”].

A song from my childhood popped into my head as I was listening to these old classics. It’s not really a folk song and I have no idea why I thought of it.

My dad used to sing on long car trips when we were kids. He had a beautiful voice and we loved to hear it. His genre was country and it was dad that brought The Statler Brothers, Tanya Tucker and The Righteous Brothers into my life.

Music that I still love today.

There was one particular song that was my favourite. Dad sang it so beautifully and it would bring me to tears every time. The song was called “Patches”.

I decided to “Google” the song to see if I could find it. Of course, I found it immediately. EVERYTHING is on the internet!

I closed my eyes as I listened and was transported back to an eleven year old girl in the back seat of a 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car (yes, my dad actually owned two of them) driving down a country road heading to who knows where.

I could see my dad’s face in the rear view mirror as he sang this song, yet again, at my request. It was a wonderful memory and, as expected, brought me to tears.

Below is a link to the song “Patches” and the lyrics if you would like to
give a listen. Spoiler alert: it has a sad ending.

Do you have a special song connected to a special memory?
If so, please share. I would love to hear from you and, with your permission,
I will post a collection of your songs and memories.

Link to: Patches – by Dickie Lee

Down by the river that flows by the coal yards,
stand wooden houses with shutters torn down.
There lives a girl everybody calls Patches.
Patches my darling of old Shantytown.

We planned to marry when June brought the summer.
I couldn’t wait to make Patches my bride;
now I don’t see how that ever can happen.
My folks say no and my heart breaks inside.

Patches! Oh what can I do.
I swear I’ll always love you
but a girl from that place
would just bring me disgrace
so my folks won’t let me love you.

Each night I cry as I think of that shanty
and pretty Patches there watching the door.
She doesn’t know that I can’t come to see her.
Patches must think that I love her no more.

I hear a neighbor telling my father –
he says a girl name of Patches was found
floating face down in that dirty old river
that flows by the coal yards in old Shantytown.

Patches! Oh what can I do,
I swear I’ll always love you.
It may not be right, but I’ll join you tonight.
Patches, I’m coming to you.

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