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more_social_mediaWhat the heck is Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and Periscope?

Yes folks, more social media sites.

I’ve decided to lump these into one post because I’m realizing that all of the social media sites are basically the same concept, they each just have a different spin of some kind in an effort to make them unique.

When you think about it, it’s not so different from the way we socialized when we were in our twenties. We all went to bars and clubs and there were a multitude of them out there with each offering different music, themes and atmospheres. You gravitated towards the one(s) that suited your style. It could’ve been a punk bar, a pub style, a country & western bar, a piano bar, live music, dee-jay . . .

Social media sites are like those bars and clubs and everyone has their favourite.

I’ve already covered Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, SnapChat and Twitter. I think the next five wrap up the top ten social media sites out there. At least for now.

Yes, I know there are more and more will come but I feel that I’m just repeating the same information using a different title so I will stop at ten. If, however, you feel that I missed an important one or want information on one that is not on this top ten list, you can drop me a line and I am happy to do some research and post information for you.

So, onward.

What the heck is Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and Periscope?

Instagram: A photo sharing App used on a smartphone. Although there is a way to upload your Instagram photos to your computer, the free Instagram App is designed for use on mobile phones. You have a profile and a news feed like Facebook and Twitter, you can “follow” and be “followed” and you can set your account to public or private. You can “like” someone’s photo with a double tap or you can add a comment. You can also easily post your photos and videos to your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The “spin” to Instagram is that you can have some fun with your photos using one of the up to 24 filters that Instagram offers.

My daughter does some really cool stuff with her photos. She enjoys playing around with the filters so much that she is now interested in taking some photography courses.

Flickr: A photo sharing site on your computer. This one is used by more serious photographers to network and showcase their work but it’s also a great place for the layperson to organize and share their photos and videos. You can create “albums” and make them available to the people who matter to you.

Note, I might actually check this one out further. With all of our photos being digital now, I have long complained that there should be a way to organize and catalogue these photos other than dumping them into a “photos” folder on my desktop. It looks like there is such an animal! See, I often learn something on my own blog!

Tumblr: This one is interesting, it is a “blog sharing” platform and is very popular with teens. You can do what the other social media sites offer – share photos, music, quotes and videos, follow and be followed, post written comment (no limit to characters), “like” images and comments, set to public or private . . . The “spin” to Tumblr is that each account (page) is set up like a micro-blog that you can customize and really put your own “look” to it making it more individual.

Google+: Similar to Pinterest, Google+ plus markets itself as an “interest” based social network site. The “spin” for Google+ is that it is linked to all of your other Google accounts (if you have any) and you can compartmentalize by creating “circles”(I really like this feature). You have a circle for “family” and you can share your new baby photos with just them and then have another circle for “flowers” where you can share all of your flower photos with other people that love flowers.

Periscope: Periscope is the newest kid on the block and it’s owned by Twitter. It’s live video-streaming. What this means is that you can be sightseeing while on vacation and transmit a live recording of yourself to your Periscope or Twitter followers. Your followers will get a notification if you are doing a live transmission and the video will be available for 24 hours after the live broadcast. The video disappears after 24 hours and, like SnapChat, no one (not even you) can get it back.

So, that’s just a very brief description of these social media sites. I hope they’re a bit helpful and if you find one interesting, you can Google more information.

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