menopause and teenagers don’t mix

menopause_teens_dont_mixI chose, like many women, to have my children a little later in life. I was 32 years old when I had my son and 35 when I had my daughter.

I am now 50 and basic math will tell you that they are now 17 and 14 years old and I am in the throws of peri- and pre-menopause.

No one saw it coming, especially me. My poor kids, they don’t understand me anymore than
I understand them.

Think for a minute – what is menopause?
It is basically puberty – backwards!

It started small enough – complaints in the car when I had the windows wide open in February because – I’m hot? is anybody else hot? mommy’s hot!

Now, the hormones bouncing off the walls in this house are almost palpable. I am convinced that this is what my dog is barking at when there doesn’t seem to be anything there.

Something that was absolutely hilarious yesterday is simply not acceptable today and I have ZERO patience sometimes. My mood doesn’t change daily, it can change hourly – sometimes in the moment. I can be fine, go change the laundry and come back a completely different person.

This is supposed to be the time that my kids get to be irrational, irritable and insubordinate and I’m supposed to be the cool head, the calming force, the rock everyone can count on. Instead, I’m often the wicked witch of the west flying around the house. But they just know how to push my buttons so well!

Some days it’s a race with my daughter to see who will get to their bedroom first to slam the door. She usually wins because she’s faster than me and, trust me, that does NOT help my mood.

If I hear “mom! Just relax!” one more time, I am just going to lose it!
Wait a minute, I’ve already lost it. No, here it is, I found it.

And where is my boyfriend? Oh there he is, hiding the corner with his
“WTF is going on?” face on. If there was a medal for weathering the
storm of puber-pause, I would give it to him. He has more than earned it.

We are just lucky that I have such a damn good sense of humour!

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  1. I am telling you now, go buy B100 (once a day) and Evening of Primrose (twice a day). It saved me back then and I still take it now. I stopped it about 6 weeks ago and wow have I suffered for it. I am balancing back out now that I have gone back on it. It’s all about the hormones. Granted when I got full menopause I did go on HRT for 7 years as I suffered with extreme fatigue.

    • My doctor doesn’t feel I need HRT (at least not yet) but I will definitely check out the B100 and Evening of Primrose. Thanks for the tip Brenda!

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