lunch with Carol!

lunch with carolOne of my favourite things to do in the world is to have lunch with a friend.

Not a party; not a gathering, not even a quartet (Sex and the City).

Just Lunch. With just one of my friends. I love it and do it as often
as I can.

Today I had lunch with my good friend Carol!

I’m lucky to have the very best friends a woman could ask for and I love them all. But we are all very busy with our work, home, kids, significant others etc. So much so that we very rarely get to actually see each other.

We do a great job keeping in touch through phone calls, Facebook, texting and email but it’s nice when we can carve out some time for quality, one-on-one facetime (and I don’t mean the Apple FaceTime app).

Lunch is the best visit because it’s longer than a coffee and easier to squeeze in than a dinner. It’s casual and not expensive. The timing can be quick or lingering. No pressure. It’s just lunch!

A booth is important because you don’t want to miss one bit of the precious conversation and, let’s face it, my hearing isn’t what it used to be.

The booth also acts as a container and keeps the visit intimate. I don’t want any distractions and no one else is invited. This is my time with you and you alone.

So tell me everything!

We catch up on kids

me: How is Nicole doing at University?
Carol: My son gave her a promise ring!

Work (or retirement!)

me: My new client is challenging and the stress is awful.
Carol: I’m thinking of going back to work part time.

Significant others

 me: He’s driving me crazy now that I’m home all of the time.
Carol: He’s driving me crazy now that he’s home all of the time.

What’s new and what’s not

me: I’m working from home now.
Carol: My sister and brother-in-law are still fighting.

We reminisce about the past and talk about the future.

me: Remember all of the money we had before the kids came along
Carol: How are we going to afford to have three kids in university?

We encourage and support

me: Taking a course is a great idea!
Carol: You’re working out? Good for you!

We can get through enough in an hour (or sometimes two or three) to take us until the next time we see each other.

The ending is always the same; we say we aren’t going to wait so long next time but we know that we probably will. So we laugh, hug and drive away satisfied that we have spent our time well.

Lunch is the best for spending quality time with a very good friend.

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  1. I completely agree. I met a friend after almost 6 months. Our boys were in school together and tho they’ve grown apart we moms still value the connection we made.
    Trying to meet up is hard but we finally made time for a coffee – it turned into a 3-hr heart to heart about everything, and Boy did it feel good.
    Of course, We both promised we will meet up again very soon ……..

    • You know it’s a great friend when you can get together after not seeing each other for a very long time you are able pick up right where you left off. Like no time has gone by at all.

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