losing weight the old fashioned way

loseweightoldfashionedI have never been tiny and have always struggled with my weight. Up and down like a yo-yo from the age of 14 when I gained 30 pounds in one month because of a stay in the hospital. The medication that I was taking made me eat but I wasn’t allowed to leave my bed.

Upon release, I dropped the 30 pounds in a month simply because I was moving again.

Now at 50 years old and, with quitting smoking and starting the roller coaster of menopause, I am back up again. And it keeps going up and up and up.

If I don’t get this under control soon, I am going to be in trouble. And by trouble, I mean that my health will suffer and I’m not going to be happy.

I went to the doctor about this recently. We talked a few years ago and she said that she could help me but I should concentrate on quitting smoking first. Well, I’ve been two years smoke free so I thought it was time to see what she meant about helping me lose weight.

We went through the initials – height, weight, blood pressure – and then sat down to talk.

She asked:

  • what was my lifestyle was like
  • what was food intake for an average day
  • what was my average portion size
  • what kind and how much exercise was I currently doing
  • how much alcohol did I drink in a week.

I didn’t like answering all of the questions but figured I wasn’t helping myself if
I lied.

At the end, she said that she will do some bloodwork to make sure there are no major health problems (thyroid issues can cause weight gain) but it sounded like my problem was simply of the input versus output variety.

Too much food being input and not enough exercise being output.

Huh? What kind of Help is that?!?!

I was hoping for B-shots, an appetite suppressant . . . a lap band? Instead, what I got was a referral to a nutritionist.

Now, I love my doctor. She’s been my doctor for 28 years. She always addresses my concerns immediately, always takes me seriously, sends me to the BEST speacialists when needed so . . . . WHAT THE HELL?

A nutritionist isn’t going to tell me anything I don’t know. “Stop eating crap”, “go for a walk”. . . It infuriates me when people think that I don’t know how the weight got there.

Then I remembered my 14-year old self. I remembered how I gained those
30 pounds in the hospital:

  • I ordered an extra sandwich when filling out my meal request card
  • I had an uncle at that time who worked for a chocolate company and he brought me tons of free chocolate bars
  • my mom came everyday on her lunch hour and we would eat chips and watch The Price is Right
  • my school friends would sneak McDonalds past the nurses.

And the whole time, I wasn’t allowed to leave my bed unless it was to go to the bathroom.

30 pounds? I was lucky it was only 30 pounds!

When I finally got released from the hospital and started moving (and had other things to do than just eat), the weight just dropped off. So fast in fact, that I wound up with a couple of stretch marks.

All of my muscle tone was gone too, just from not moving them. My high school had three floors (no elevator) and I remember struggling up those stairs to get to English class that first week back. But I had English every day and I had to get there so I climbed those stairs and I got faster and I got stronger.

Input versus Output. Now I get what my doctor was saying!!


History is repeating itself. My sedentary lifestyle is the hospital bed. If I think about it, how much do I really move in a day (other than to go to the bathroom). My eating habits are terrible and summertime is the worst because there is no routine.

AND, here’s the kicker, my weight really started to climb after I fell in May and broke my finger and bruised my hand. I haven’t been to the gym since I fell and I wasn’t able to referee soccer all summer.

All of my output was gone and all I had was input. Input, input, input that food into my face!

Too much input > not enough output!

Now, it’s taken me a lot longer than 30 days to accumulate this extra weight so it’s going to take me a lot longer to lose it. I don’t have a 14-year old metabolism anymore so I will try to not get frustrated when it takes more than 30 days to lose 30 pounds. My actual goal is to lose 40 pounds. That will take me to a realistic weight for my age and height.

So onward! No needles, no pills, no lap band. I’m going to have to lose weight the old fashioned way.


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