kids today can’t sign their name!

cursiveDid you know that they don’t teach cursive writing anymore!

I didn’t learn this until my daughter was in grade three. By this time, my son was already in grade seven and I had no idea that he didn’t know how to “write”.

What’s maybe worse is that my son can’t “read” cursive writing!

Last summer, his dad wrote out a chore list before leaving for work. You know, things he wanted my son to do that day. Things like “get the mail” and “mow the lawn”. The list was written in cursive.

When his dad got home, none of the chores were done and his dad hit the roof.

You had all day! Why didn’t any of this get done!

To which my son replied:

Dad, I couldn’t read the list.

Whoa! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.

Now, being a girl and liking pretty, swirly things, my daughter taught herself cursive writing. She is now working on creating a signature. She says she wants a really cool one like mine. (yeah, you heard it, I’m cool!)

My son, however, never made the effort. I tried to teach him but even the stapler wouldn’t keep him in the chair long enough to learn it. He figured that if the school didn’t think he needed to learn it, who was he to argue.

I’d like to know who’s bright idea it was to stop teaching cursive writing. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. So I googled “why don’t they teach cursive anymore” and up came all of the stupid answers.

1. Cursive writing is a traditional skill that has been replaced with technology.

Okay people, we’re a long way from the retinal scanner becoming mainstream. At the very least, the kids should learn to sign their name.

2. Educators are having to make choices about what’s most important to teach within a limited amount of time.

Oh. So cursive just didn’t make the cut? They made me learn a crap ton of useless stuff in elementary school, I think they could have found something else to cut. Cursive is at least a useful skill.

3. They are leaving it up to the teachers to decide whether or not to teach it.

They aren’t saying that they can’t teach it, they just aren’t making it part of the required curriculum. So it’s up the teachers to make the time to teach it if they want to. And we all know how we like to do MORE work than we have to.

4. “Cursive writing is pretty much gone, except in the adult world for people in their 60’s and 70’s .”

Okay, how old is the author of this article – 12?

5. Cursive writing is more about tradition than practicality.

They still sell notebooks, pens and pencils so there are still times where something needs to be written by hand and, um, it’s way faster to write something down than it is to print it.

So here we are, my son is now 18 years old and he and his buddies have rented a house together. Now he will have rent to pay. We went to the bank yesterday and ordered him some cheques and I will teach him how to write one.

How is he going to sign it?

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  1. I have had the same struggle but more with my now 17 year old boy. I had all the books to teach him cursive but he had absolutely no interest. I think he cannot read most of the writing in birthday cards.
    My girls are older and have cursive signatures.

    • I never thought of the birthday cards. I know my mom writes in cursive, it never occurred to me that my son couldn’t read her birthday wishes.
      I think it’s a shame to stop teaching cursive in school. Really, how long does it take?

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