I’ve started my Christmas shopping!

Christmas shoppingI’ve actually started my Christmas shopping!

Okay. You may not think that this is a blog-worthy topic but if you knew me, you would understand.

When the kids were young, Christmas shopping was fun and easy. Anything colourful will do. Anything noisy for the nephews – the louder the better. I love my sister but it was a contest every year. Who could buy the loudest toy!

Christmas shopping for my kids has been getting harder and harder every year. I don’t know what’s hot and what’s not, what bling is the thing or what tech is now blech! (like the year I got them Blackberry playbooks instead of iPods – epic fail!)

I struggle to get suggestions out of them and then wind up ordering everything on line at the last minute and pray that it all arrives in time. Last year, one of my daughters gifts actually didn’t arrive on time and I wound up wrapping a picture of it to put under the tree.

So when my daughter and I went to the drug store the other night, she told me about this new fancy lipstick line that she loves.

I said:

show me

She jumped at the chance because she knows that I am just not into that kind of stuff at all.

Holy crap! Thirty dollars for a lipstick? And you can’t use the lipstick without the liner – – twenty dollars?!

I realized that this girl, with no job and a meager allowance will have to take out a loan for the kinds of “pretty” things she wants.

So I bought it for her.


Yeah, that’s what my daughter said. She was beside herself but smart enough not to ask any questions.

The nice beautician lady (who knows my daughter just a little too well) rang it up and put it in a pretty bag.

My daughter reached for the bag and I stopped her.

You will get this on Christmas morning.

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