I am so tired of waiting!

waitingWhen I make an appointment, I expect to be seen at the time of the appointment.

My appointment was for 2:00pm, not 2:00 – ish!

I did not ask for the first available time after
2:00pm and I don’t want to be one of five 2:00 appointments where it’s first come, first served.

The idea of an appointment seems to have changed from “a reservation of a specific slotted time” to a “moving window of time that you and fifty other people are crammed into”.

My kids pediatrician was the worst but I forgave him because he never once turned me down for a same day appointment. You need that when your kid is sick so I would pack books and snacks knowing that there would be a wait.

I cannot be so forgiving for my own doctor though. I was less than ten minutes late for my appointment and wound up waiting over an hour. I happened to be on some meds at the time that made me emotional so when I finally got called into her office, I burst into tears. She sympathized and immediately took me off the meds. UM. The problem is not the meds, it’s the fact that you made me wait over an hour!

My eye doctor isn’t any better. I had an appointment on my lunch hour and, when 25 minutes had passed, I rescheduled the appointment and left. My rescheduled appointment was for first appointment of the day at 9:00am. At about 9:15, I asked the receptionist the reason for the delay. She said:

Oh, the doctor isn’t here yet. He doesn’t get here until 9:30


Then why the HELL would you give me a 9:00am appointment? I got seen first at 9:30 and when I was finished, there were four people in the waiting area. It was 10:00 in the morning and he was already behind.

My dentist has historically been the best of the bunch but I’ve noticed that wait time has been increasing the last few visits. They’re maybe trying to squeeze an extra appointment into the day?

This appointment rudeness used to be reserved for doctors but it seems that everyone makes me wait these days.

My mechanic makes me wait, my hairdresser makes me wait.

A friend and I had reservations for dinner recently and they seemed genuinely surprised when we arrived. We had to wait for 20 minutes.

Oh, they’re just paying now and then we just have to clear

UM. Excuse me.

My reservation was for 7:00pm. That means that the table should be ready at 7:00pm; 7:00pm is NOT the time that you START looking for a free table.

The website says that the movie starts at 9:25pm. But that’s the time the commercials start (if they can even start those on time), the actual movie doesn’t start unti 9:45pm. But if you come to the movie for 9:45pm, there are no good seats left so you are forced to come at the incorrect posted time and wait.

I’m even made to wait on the phone. When I call the cable company, the gas company or – heaven forbid – the government, I have to navigate this labyrinth of:

 if you blah, blah, blah . . . please press blah, blah, blah

and when you finally think you’ve gotten to where you need to be, they put you on hold.

The recording is so sincere when it tells you that

you’re call is very important to us . . .

but part of me wonders if they are all just sitting there laughing at all of the flashing hold buttons and rolling the dice to see who gets picked up next.

We wait at the bank because, in their infinite wisdom, they sent all but one teller on lunch during the busiest time for banking – the lunch hour!

The grocery store is another one. There are never enough cashiers! They are saving money by having to pay less people because they know that we have a cart full of groceries that took us 25 minutes or more to collect and, let’s face it, we are going to wait. (note, if you see me in line, go to another line because my line is always the slowest)

Even worse are the self check outs, I hate them. Now you are making me wait in line to the damn work myself!

Where does the madness end?

I truly think that all of the crazy people out there, the ones that snap, have just spent the last three hours waiting for something.

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  1. I hear you Babs! Is it because, looking (dare I say it?) “older” everyone thinks we are retired, and as such, have all day to waste waiting around for them? Or is everyone else being made to wait as well?
    Those self check-outs are painful, and I feel sorry for the former check-out chicks turned security staff who have to stand and watch us struggle with the task.
    If you are anywhere near an Aldi I recommend them. At least they scan everything for you, and they are quick as well as cheap, even if you do have to wait a while.

    • Don’t they understand that we “older” folks actually have LESS time to wait?
      I try to screw something up on purpose at the self check out just to give those girls something to do, they always look so bored!

  2. Hi, just because a person is retired doesn’t mean they like being kept waiting anymore than anyone else.

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