how old do you think I am?

Another New Years Eve, another birthday passed.

I’d like to say I’ve stopped counting and that “age is just a number” but I have to confess that I still look at the number.

The new number is 52 and, the thing is, I don’t feel the number. And I didn’t think I looked the number – until the other day.

I’ve always loved the “how old do you think I am?” game. I loved it because I always won. I loved it because the game was always the same. Someone would ask me how old I am and I would answer:

how old do you think I am?

The answer would always be at least four years younger than my real number; often more than four years younger. I would laugh and say:

sure, let’s go with that.

Good times . . . until yesterday. I seems I spun that roulette wheel one too many times and my winning streak came to an screeching halt.

An acquaintance (friend of a friend) asked the question and I answered with my flippant:

how old do you think I am?

Well. Let me tell you that this putz didn’t know how to play the game! He looked me up and down and said;

Oh, I don’t know, 55? Or 60?

Wait. What? I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. I felt like I’d gotten hit in the chest with a baseball bat. I’ve never lost this game. Nobody had ever guessed older.

Somebody get this dude the rule book! Yes, to make it worse, it was a man that made this obscene guess.

Not a boy-man either. I could almost laugh it off if the guess came from a teenager who thinks that anyone wearing their pants around their actual waist is a senior citizen and geriatrics is the study and care of guys named Gerry.

Oh no, it was a man-man. A man my age. Someone who should know how to play this game. First of all, he was old enough to know not to ask a woman her age. Second of all, he should have had enough class to know that if a woman doesn’t tell you – it’s because she doesn’t want to.

Third and final of all – if you are asked to guess . . . guess low!

Wow. Have I hit the point where I need people to lie about how old they think I am?

I don’t think I want to play this game anymore. I’m taking my bat, ball and bifocals and going home.

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  1. Hi Barb I too am 52 but I had a guy at the pool the other day who asked if I had children I Replied yes that they where grown. When I told him my oldest was 32 he wanted to know when she was coming to visit. He told me he thought I was 37 . I told him he was my new best friend.

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