his first text! I’m so proud!

His first textYou might think that I’m talking about a grandchild but, thankfully, I’m not there yet and hope not to be discussing grandchildren for a while. I’m actually talking about my boyfriend.

My boyfriend just sent
his first text!

We were on the land line, I was at work and he was at home. It was touch and go for a while but I talked him through it.

Breathe honey. Press “reply”, now press the number “9” three times . . .

He has a flip phone and people are now starting to send him text messages. He has put off learning to “reply” for as long as he can but realizes now that, at least for business, he has to learn.

A little background. My BF is “50 plus” (to be honest, “50 plus plus”) and he is one of those who really detests all of the new technology. He likes the telephone and a pencil and paper. Maybe a tape recorder (a what !?!?)

He and my son had a huge argument once about technology and how my BF believes that one day the electricity is going to go down and the whole world will fall apart. And because of this, he was just NOT going to fall for this technology crap. It got quite heated as my son tried to argue the case for technology but my BF was just NOT going to be a part of this “conspiracy”.

A couple days later, my son said to me:

I just have to find out why he hates technology so much.

I said:

I can tell you why. He doesn’t understand it.

Whoa! The look of bewilderment on my sons face was the same look I get from my ex-husband when I try to tell him how to do his taxes. I explained to my son that he has to understand that we didn’t grow up with technology. And the only reason that I know as much as I do (which isn’t much) is because I have had to learn it for my job. A lot of people my age and especially people older than me had/have jobs that didn’t/don’t require technology. My BF is a soccer referee. He uses a whistle and a flag, not a smartphone and a laptop.

There has been no need for him to learn any of it until now and it’s a bit daunting when you look at how much there is to learn. Especially when you’re starting from scratch. He doesn’t understand how user friendly everything is and that it’s really not that hard. But we can help him.

I think my son understands now and there haven’t been any more altercations.

I have tried over the last 10 years to bring my darling BF into the 21st century and he is getting better. Slowly. He can now poke around on the laptop without losing the curser. He can read his emails and delete what he doesn’t need to keep and he can navigate around a website although sometimes he needs help getting back to where he started.

I tried to talk him through booting up the laptop to get into his email one day over the phone. It did not go well, we still have some work to do. Baby steps.

So you see now that this first text is a really big deal. He was so excited when it sent, he is adorable.

By the way, his first text was: yes

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  1. All I have to say is hahaha! But I totally understand. I am not as bad but when it comes to texting, I just don’t turn my phone on lol, only when my son is around and I have no alternative but to text.

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