has Family Feud gone too far?

Family FeudDo you watch Family Feud? This game show is a classic and I’ve loved it since it first aired in 1976. I was 12 years old.

And the original host, Richard Dawson, was adorable. I confess that I had a bit of a crush on him. How could you not have a crush on him with that heart-melting British accent. How lucky were those women on his show to receive the obligatory host kiss from him!

Interesting Factoid: It’s been estimated that Richard Dawson kissed over 20,000 women during the nine years he hosted the show.

I remember we used to watch it as a family, sometimes breaking into teams and keeping score. It was fun to try and guess the top 6 answers (or top 5 or top 7) to questions asked of 100 mystery people.

Questions like:

Name something that is no good if it springs a leak.
Top 6 Answers on the board:
1. Waterbed
2. Pipe
3. Hose
4. Balloon
5. Boat
6. Tire/innertube


Name a food you make in a large pot.
Top 5 Answers on the board:
1. Stew
2. Pasta / Spaghetti
3. Soup
4. Chili
5. Beans

Heck, it even became a popular board game. Such a classic that it’s still on today, almost 40 years later.

Have you watched it recently though?
Hmmmm. It’s not quite the same.

Now, I understand that you have to compete on television today and you need to keep people interested and coming back but, really, the questions and answers on today’s Family Feud are starting to cross a line.

I swear, every question has a sexual undertone to it. Wait. No. I’m wrong, Many questions are blatantly sexual – not even bothering to waste time with undertone. And I can’t believe some of the answers that people are giving to questions that maybe aren’t intended to be sexual in nature.

I don’t have anything against this type of entertainment per se, but does it belong on a game show? A game show that is on ALL of the time. Middle of the day, supper time and prime time. A “family” game show? I couldn’t imagine watching the show now with a 12-year old daughter/grand-daughter/niece.

I used to watch it with my kids when they were home sick for the day or over dinner when I was too tired to participate in dinner conversation. Um. I won’t be doing that anymore – and they’re a lot older than 12! I’m not worried anymore that they will ask questions, I’m more worried that they won’t!

I am going to go with Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy now and hope that they don’t jump on the naughty band wagon to get ratings.

My BF thinks I’m being silly and prudish but I just think that TV shows with this line of content should be on a channel where it’s expected and one that you can block from kids.

Following are some examples of Family Feud questions and answers from a show just the other night. You can review and decide for yourself – has Family Feud gone too far?

Q: Give a reason you might have to call 911 when you’re making love.
(first of all, do we need “making love” questions?)

Top 6 answers on the board:
1. injury / broke weenie
(I am not paraphrasing, this is exactly what it said on the board)
2. heart attack
3. stuck together
(seriously? Try explaining this answer to your kid)
4. house / bed on fire
5. lover croaked
6. lost handcuff key

Q: Name something the Pillsbury Dough Boy likes people to do with his buns.

Top 7 answers on the board:
1. Bake’em / Heat’em
2. Squeeze’em / Pinch’em
3. Eat’em / Bite’em
4. Pat’em / Rub’em
5. Tickle’em
6. Roll / Spread’em (spread’em? . . . really?)
(fyi, these may not sound so bad but you really needed to see all of the innuendo that surrounded these answers)

Note: the answers to this next one aren’t the issue, it’s the question. Really?

Q. Birds do it. Bees do it. Name an animal that makes you wonder how they can possibly do it.

Top 6 answers on the board:
1. Elephant
2. Porcupine
3. Turtle
4. Snake
5. Whale
6. Fly

Q: Name something a pirate has on his ship for all of those lonely nights at sea.

Top 7 answers on the board:
1. Arrr, Rum (booze)
2. Parrot / Pet
3. Wench / studly mate
4. Book
5. Hot Pics / Porn
6. Oil / lotion / lube
(oh, it gets better – the actual answer given by the contestant was “his KY” which I guess they lumped in with “lotion”)
7. Blow up doll

And that’s only four questions. Need I go on?

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