Happy Birthday to me!

happy birthdayI love Facebook on my birthday!

It’s only noon and I already have 21 birthday wishes posted on Facebook by friends. If for no other reason, join Facebook for the birthday wishes.
It’s great!

So here we are – December 31, 2015 – the end of the calendar year and the beginning of a new year in my life. I have completed my first year as part of the 50+ crowd and lived to tell the tale.

I think the biggest surprise for me this year is that I am actually more relaxed than I have ever been.

Maybe that’s because, when you’ve lived for a ½ century, you’ve learned enough about yourself and you finally know what’s really important to you. You now know what you need to be happy and hopefully you start living life on your terms.

(without being a bitch of course; I know a few people that need to learn that part!)

It’s also important to learn that “what’s important in life” is NOT the same for everyone so stop judging others. It’s exhausting! Let your neighbour show off his new Mercedes even if you don’t care because it’s important to him. That’s the neighbourly thing to do.

Following are eight more things I’ve learned this year:

  1. 50 isn’t old. Sure, things start to break down but being old is a state of mind not a number. I don’t feel any older now than I did when I turned 40. It may be a cliché but it’s true, you’re only as old as you think you are.
  2. Doing stuff is more fun than having stuff. Another cliché comes to mind – you can’t take it with you. My philosophy is to do and see as much as I can while I can so that I have great stories to tell when my grandchildren come visit me in the “home”.
  3. Whatever mistakes you are going to make with your children have already been made. Now is the time to trust that your good parenting will out-weigh your mistakes because you don’t get a do-over. Let them go and trust that you did your job well.
  4. Fighting is good as long as you fight fair. My BF taught me this. I have learned that you can have a fight and still love each other as long as you’re not hurtful or spiteful.
  5. You can still learn. Your brain is not dead yet. Your brain can continue to make new connections as long as you give it an opportunity to. This is a scientific fact! Never stop learning.
  6. Sex is still on the table. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t be on the table anymore but there is no expiry date for sex. You can and should keep doing it!
  7. You can still have dreams. No expiry date on dreams either. You can revisit dreams you had when you were young or maybe you have new ones. Having something to strive for keeps us looking forward.
  8. There is always a sale on hair colour somewhere!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to anyone else celebrating today and HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everyone else!

Looking forward to blogging it up with you in 2016!

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