feeling like a 5 year old

I was on a flight home recently from an exceptionally grueling couple of days of crisis management meetings with a client.

The week was done and I just wanted to get in the air and sleep all the way to Canadian air space.

But, of course, I needed to get my complimentary beverage before putting in my earbuds and drifting off.

Patiently, I waited for the drink cart to get my row. The flight attendant asks if I would like something and I ask for;

Orange juice please

She follows with;

would you like ice?

I say “no” because I never get ice; you get more juice if you don’t waste cup space with ice.

Before I know it, the flight attendant leans over the guy beside me (I’m at the window) and gets up in my grill – okay, maybe not that close but it felt that close – she glowers at me and says

no thank you?

What? Um. Yes, of course. No, thank you. Wait. What just happened?

Apparently, I didn’t say “thank you”. And apparently this particular flight attendant hadn’t been thanked enough that day so found it absolutely necessary to call me out.

I accepted my orange juice sheepishly feeling like a 5 year old that just got scolded by the mean aunt? (come on, we all have that one aunt that we’re still afraid of)

And you can bet that I said “thank you” that time.

I was dumbfounded! I’m a nice person. I am polite. I said “please” for heaven’s sake. I didn’t throw out all pleasantries.

I forgot one “thank you”. Does she really want to start our relationship like this?

I understand that being a flight attendant is not an easy job. You are dealing with the general public in an enclosed space and I’m sure that there are a LOT of unruly passengers.

I, however, was NOT unruly; I wasn’t even rude. I just forgot to say “thank you”. I would have said it when she handed me the orange juice so I could say I was saving the “thank you” for the end of the transaction.

One please and one thank you. I think that’s the acceptable amount of politeness for such a brief exchange.

The flight attendant passed and the guy next to me – silent until now – looked at me and snickered. I couldn’t help but snicker back.

I told the guy that I needed to check my drivers licence.

I’m pretty sure it says I’m 50 years old and not 5!

We snickered quietly again, like 2 school kids in the back of the bus.


But what could I do? I am 39,000 feet in the air and I am not about to start a fight. I am not going to be “that” passenger. I drank my juice, popped in my ear buds and slept peacefully from Houston to Toronto.

Home now, I wait patiently for the day this flight attendant winds up on YouTube under the heading

           Flight attendant loses it when passenger doesn’t thank her fast enough!

In an effort to not reward bad behavior, see below for some You Tube clips of Flight Attendants that make their job the most fun ever:

Frank and Clarence




Martie again (she is SO funny)

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