fashion don’ts and dos for over 50

fashion dos_donts_4In my post, “create your personal brand“, I confessed that I have no qualifications and no intention of trying to give fashion advice.

But, as promised, I have done some research and found a great article on fashion over 50 that I want to share. The article is titled “Fashion at any age” from

It doesn’t actually say much at the beginning and the “Jean Styles You Can Wear All Year Around” video is a waste of time. Please don’t talk about jean styles in an article for over-50 fashion using a 20-something model.

What I like are the don’ts and do’s listed further down under the title “Getting older and looking great while you’re getting there”.

I especially like the number 3 don’t:
Don’t wear ditsy and fussy prints like tiny florals.

I have made this mistake more than once. The sales lady always says:

ooh, it’s a great look for you! or the colours are great on you!

and I buy into their compliments until I get it home and put it on.

Case in point. Recently, I bought a long, floral button down shirt when shopping on vacation. I thought it would look cool with black leggings and boots. As usual, the lady said it looked great and I convinced myself that it did too. My BF even said it looked good but he loves me and tells me I look good all the time.

But when I put it on the first time at home, my daughter walked in and said,

you look like Gram (aka her grandmother, aka my mother!)

I took it off and haven’t worn it since. I am not ready yet to dress like a grandmother! To the back of the closet it goes. Heavy sigh!

There are more great tips like this one on the lists but, legally, I don’t think I can post what is written. Especially because the lists have already been “borrowed” from someone else. So I am posting a link to the article, I don’t think I’m breaking any copyright laws doing it this way. Enjoy!

Click here for the article.

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  1. Some good points on this site. I’m totally against the one about not showing your upper arms though. I’m perfectly comfortable letting my upper arms jiggle in the wind so I can wear a great dress or top. It’s not like I’m fooling anyone anyways lol and if they have a problem looking at my arms it’s their problem, not mine!

    About the whole hair thing, I watched a CityLine makeover once and the celebrity hairstylist commented that he couldn’t understand why so many women reach a certain age and decide they should have the same hairstyle as their husbands lol.

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