Facebook makes me feel inadequate

Do you know what I did today?

> I cleaned the kids bathroom, walked the dog and took a nap.

I wonder what my Facebook friends did today?!

> Steve and Kellee are posting pictures from Amsterdam

> Debi is on her boat with a cocktail

Hmmm. A cocktail would go down good right now.

> Kim and Perry are around the fire pit at their trailer

> Anne is having her parents over for dinner

That reminds me, I really need to call my mom.

> Jane’s posting pics of her new bathroom

Look’s great Jane! I really should clean the other bathroom.

> Christine is hosting a birthday party

> Brad is posting pics of his latest culinary creation

Hmmm. Getting hungry. Maybe some cheese with this cocktail?

> Stacey is on another vacation

She is always on freaking vacation! I want to go on a vacation!

> Sandra just passed her Pleasure Craft Boating Licence exam

That sounds cool. Does my sofa count as a Pleasure Craft?

> Scott’s garden is gorgeous, he’s working hard

> Jessica is at a birthday party – looks like lots of fun

> Kerri is baking again

Or is she just randomly posting recipes to make us think that she is baking? Does anybody bake that much?

> Cheryl and family are in Banff, Alberta

> Alex is at the art gallery

Alex, I don’t think you’re allowed to take photos – just sayin’

> Gabby just had a baby – baby pics galore!


> Luanne is out for dinner with friends – again

> Sheri is in Montreal

> Sherry is at the cottage

Two different Sherry’s

> Kathy is dressed like a wooky?

I really hope that she’s at a Star Wars costume party!?

> Michelle made jam today

I made toast today. We should get together tonight!

> Frank cycled from Toronto to Niagara for charity

Okay, no need to show off now.

> Kristine is at the ball park watching her kids play

> Samantha is partying with her friends

Samantha has a lot of friends!

> Kathy’s at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

I’ve been meaning to go there . . . maybe next weekend.

> Gillian made a salad with produce from her garden

I produced a salad from Sobey’s!

> Chris is building with Habitat for Humanity

Yeah. Nothing I say will make me look good next to this one.

Uuugh! I’m exhausted watching my friends be so busy. I think I need another nap.

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