do you remember . . .

pet rockThe Pet Rock!

This brilliant idea was born in a bar
in 1975.

The fad only lasted about 6 months but that was long enough to make it’s creator a millionaire.

Raise your hand if you begged your parents for one. Take that same hand and smack yourself on the back of the head if you actually owned one.

How many crazy ideas have we all had when we were in a bar? Heck, if we weren’t so drunk, we might have realized that one of them was a million dollar idea!

WigWagWig Wag Candy Bar!

This candy bar was awesome but it took forever to eat! It was created by a research confectioner while he was experimenting with (playing around with) some left over toffee from another candy project he was working on.

For my international visitors, this candy bar was marketed under different
names in different countries: Marathon in the US, Curly Wurly in Australia,
3 Mousquetaires in France, Leckerschmecker in Germany and simply “Loop” in Sweden.

pac manPac Man!

The classic “Pac Man” is an icon of 1980’s pop culture and is among the most famous arcade games of all time.

I know that my good friend Mary and I were addicted to it and would spend hours sitting at the table game in the local Tim Hortons for hours – literally! hours!

In fact, it’s still around today. I actually downloaded it and play it on my smart phone but it’s just not the same without the joystick.

leg warmersLeg Warmers!

This was someone’s million dollar idea but, seriously, what the hell were we thinking?

They were one of the top ten 80’s fashion trends that I actually owned.

I wore a pair of these when I was 17 years old and was going to meet my boyfriends parents for the first time. I remember hearing my boyfriends father ask;

why is she wearing her socks on the outside of her pants?

I think they tried but please, please, please don’t let these come back in style. It was a mistake the first time people. Seriously!

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