how many kilograms are in a pound?

unit conversionIf you’re Canadian and in the 50-plus age bracket – like me – then you actually remember when Canada converted from the imperial measurement system to metric.

The change was phased in gradually and the whole conversion took about 10 years. Pretty much all of the 1970’s. For me, that was from age 6 to 16 and, because of this, there are certain measurements that I think of in metric but there are some that I still think of in imperial.

For example:

Temperature: I have no idea how warm or cold 77° F is but I know that 22° C is a very nice day. Conversly, I know that 98.6° F is body temperature which is equal to 37° C but if I ever saw 37° on the thermometer, I‘d call 911!

Weight: I have no idea what a gram or kilogram is, I still do weight in imperial. When I do have to know grams, I use the butter conversion. One pound of butter is 454 grams and one kilogram is 1000 grams so the conversion from pounds to kilograms is almost 2 to 1.

Speed: Although I do remember speed limit signs in miles per hour, I wasn’t a driver then so speed is metric for me. If I do ever have to calculate kilometers to miles (like when I’m driving in the US) I can think back – the speed limit on highways used to be 60 miles per hour and then it changed to 100 km per hour. I can generally ball park it from there – at least enough to avoid getting a speeding ticket in South Carolina.

(Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my sister. Yup, she got pulled over by a State Trooper once. It’s a good thing she’s cute.)

Well, I’d like to share a website that can help with these conversions:

Like a language translation site, you input what “unit” you have under the applicable category and then pick out the conversion you want. They have a ton of categories: Length, Mass (weight), Speed, Temperature, Volume, Area (what the heck is a Hectare anyway?) and more.

It’s not limited to imperial and metric conversions though.

Do you want to know how many pounds are in a British “Stone”?
Or how many Mexican Pesos you can buy with 1 Canadian dollar or maybe you have a Swedish Krona?

I’m not sure when you would need this information but it’s nice to know where to get it if you ever do.

I use this site a lot for recipes. I love the internet for recipes and I google new meal ideas all of the time. Depending on where the recipe comes from, the ingredient measurements could be imperial or metric. If imperial, I can quickly find out how many kilograms are equal to 3 pounds of hamburger or how many milliliters are in 4 ounces.

Or even what temperature to pre-heat the oven to.

My oven here in Canada still shows the heat in Fahrenheit (probably because it was made in the USA) but I have seen European recipes list the cooking temperature in Celsius. I wouldn’t even know how to begin that conversion.

So check out, it may come in handy some day.

FYI. I have not received any payment (monetary or product) to write this post promoting I just think it’s a really cool site and wanted to share.

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