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roller coasterI always thought that, at this age, I would be settled into life and that all of the really hard work would be behind me. Boy, was I wrong.

Life doesn’t stop moving when you get older. It continues to twist and turn like a roller coaster, bringing fear, excitement, tears and laughter with it. Sometimes all in the same day.

Sometimes, you bring on the twists and turns yourself. Like when my boyfriend and I decided to build a house and finally live together after ten years. That was a two year roller coaster like nothing else. The kind where you’re excited to get on and leave the station, then scream and cry through the whole ride only to find yourself laughing as you come to a stop and ready to do it all over again.

Other twists and turns you see coming but can’t do anything but brace yourself. Like when my son decided NOT to apply to any local universities. Not one! All of his applications would take him away. His acceptance came in the spring so I had several months to prepare but it’s still an enormous change. It’s not just about him not being here anymore, the whole family dynamic shifts. The other night, my boyfriend had to work so it was just me and my daughter for dinner. After about ten minutes, I said:

“Wow, it sure is quiet when it’s just us”

to which she replied:

“Yes. And I like it.”

Now I’ve just been informed of another huge change coming.

At the end of next month, I will be leaving the office I have worked at for 11 years and start working from home.

I am still working for my same company but the client I have had for 11 years is leaving. So I am getting two new clients assigned to me and I will work remotely from home.

I think this is the biggest, scariest roller coaster yet and right now I’m at the front of the line ready to board the car.

Fear? Yes. Even though it’s the same company, it’s still like a brand new job. Will I have to change the way I work? Will the processes be different? Will the new client like me? Will I like them? Will I like working from home?

Excitement? Yes. I am looking forward to meeting and building a relationship with new clients. I have worked on packaging for office supplies for forever, now I am working on packaging for chocolate which will be fun and different. (yum! maybe there will be some sampling involved?) And working from home does have a lot of perks (like working in your pyjamas!).

Tears? Absolutely. I have been onsite at my current clients office for 11 years and I have to say goodbye to a lot of really great people. Yes, I’m sure there will be tears.

Laughter? I hope so. I don’t expect it right away but, once I get settled, I am hoping there is laughter.

As this new roller coaster starts to pull out, there is a huge upward climb looming in front of me. This is the part I hate the most. My heart is racing and my breathing is rapid but the damn safety bar has been snapped in place and there is no getting off now.

I am just going to have to ride this ride, scream and cry if it helps and pray for laughter at the end. I am getting too old for this sh…..!

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