can you still sit cross-legged?

cross legged_2Sometimes age can feel like a brick hitting you in the face; like when you realize:

  • you no longer know who the hell any of the celebrities on magazine covers are and look to your teenage daughter for answers
  • you remember a time when a “hoodie” was called a sweatshirt
  • you’re now the first one in the house to go to bed
  • you’re travel insurance costs more than the plane ticket
  • everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work
  • your back goes out more than you do
  • every conversation with your kids starts with “Well, when I was your age . . .
  • child actors you grew up with are now playing parents
  • you still print out directions from Mapquest rather than squint at them on your phone
  • you can’t figure out how to open the gas tank on your new car
    (the release is on the floor beside the driver’s seat on my car, it took me 20 minutes to find it the first time I stopped for gas!)

Then there are the good days.

When I got down on the floor the other day with my daughter to play with the dog, she looked at me and smiled.

Well, at least we know that you’re not old yet mom!

I was confused;


She replied;

you can still sit cross-legged! If you can still sit cross-legged, you’re not old yet!

So that’s the line? Thank Heaven for small miracles!

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  1. Arthritis in your knees is a terrible hindrance to sitting cross legged. I haven’t been able to do that for many years unfortunately.

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