Babs_4Hi! My name is Babs. Nice to meet you.

I turned 50 years old on
December 31, 2014.

Yup, New Years Eve!

What struck me most on this momentous day was that
“50” did not look or feel like I thought “50” would look and feel like when I was “30”. I’m not ready for a rocking chair. I have a lot of life left in me – things to do, people to meet!

Life is complicated though, more than it has ever been. Most days I feel that if I didn’t laugh, I swear would go crazy!

We are living longer now which means we have to work longer and, as far as I’m concerned, working longer doesn’t sound too much like living. There has to be a way to get to that retirement everyone is raving about or at least find a way to work at something we love so we trick our mind into thinking we aren’t really working at all.

What does your retirement look like?

Jobless at 50+

Living longer also means that we have to pay much more attention to our health than our parents and grandparents ever did. Ailments that used to be death sentences are now treatable and sometimes even avoidable with proper screenings, healthy eating, clean living and keeping our mind and body active.

Don’t discount the mini stroke.

The joys and health benefits of a hobby

And don’t get me started on technology! With all of this technology coming in so fast – new stuff every day – my kids have a vocabulary now that sounds like a different language. I am feeling so left behind. If I am planning on being around for 20 to 30 more years, I had better figure out how to stay as up to date as I can.

What the heck is Google?

Stay in touch with Skype

I know that I can’t be the only one feeling this so I decided that I needed to start researching and learning how to navigate through what is going on now and what lies ahead for my 50+ year old self and share what I learn with as many 50+ers as I can . . . and have a little fun on the way!

And so my blog was born!

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I’m looking forward to this journey into the second half of my life and making new friends along the way . . . LIKE YOU!

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