a senior moment – wear your glasses in the bathroom!

glasses in the bathroomMy BF wears glasses but they’re kind of part-time glasses. He can see without them (or so he says) but he sees “better” with them on.

He definitely needs to wear glasses for reading, movies and driving. And he’s found out the hard way that he needs to wear them in the bathroom.

The first time.

We were out of town, staying with friends for the night. In the morning, he did not review the showering products available on the shelf before stepping into the shower. Soap is easy; it’s a bar; it’s hard to mistake soap for something else. But he became confused when the shampoo was not lathering on his hair so he took a closer look at the array of products and realized that he was trying to wash his hair with after-shower body moisturizer!

The second time.

This was in our own bathroom and may have been my fault. There is a small shelf to the left of the sink where the toothpaste is kept. Maybe I shouldn’t have put my tube of face mask there. It’s the same shape and similar size as the tube of toothpaste. I think you know where I’m going here. Yup, he put my face mask on his toothbrush instead of the toothpaste. He was lucky that it was an organic product and not a chemical one, he could have killed himself! Instead, he just washed his mouth out with mud!

The third time! Yes, believe it or not, there is a third time!

Again, in our own bathroom. A pump bottle of hand & face cream and a pump bottle of liquid hand soap a little too close together. Do I even need to finish? I don’t know how much face cream he uses at one time but it took him almost 10 minutes to wash the lather from the hand soap off his face!

Sweetheart! Please wear your glasses in the bathroom before you seriously hurt yourself!

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Image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. I have tears, that is sooo funny! I realize on occasion I need the glasses in the bathroom as well. If I am not sure, I get them; I just don’t do it blind, haha.

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